Personalized marketing – The trend of modern marketing

Personalized marketing – The trend of modern marketing

Personalized marketing is a marketing strategy that business can set out based on data analysis and digital technology in order to bring personalized messages of brands and products to customers. Personalized marketing has been around for a long time but not at all business can leverage well this strategy. Following the examples of brands that bring personalized marketing to high level.

Coca Cola

In 2011, Coca Cola started inplementing “Share a Coke” strategy in Australia and began in the USA in 2014. This is Coca Cola’s attempt to reach young people by printing some popular names on Coca Cola cans and bottles. This strategy is a win example of personalied marketing.

Besides, In the US, Coca Cola printed names of famous landmarks such as Hawai or Miami to make people can remind refreshing and cool feeling when drinking Coca Cola on hot summer day.

Not only offering a smart advertising idea, Coca Cola also runs an innovative campaign by creating a series of accompanying contests such as: “Selfie with the  bottle printed your name” or “Map of names will be printed on the bottle by Coca Cola”.

Stimulating curiousity, personalizing products and bringing customers into the research journey are factors that make this strategy successful worldwide including Vietnam. On the personal page of famous people, the images of Coca Cola bottles are widely shared so this created a strong effect.

The campaign “Printing names of people on Coca Cola” caused a big buzz. After implementing this campaign, Coca Cola received a much larger revenue increase in about 4 years.


Amazon’s personalized marketing strategy has been applied for a long time by this website to boost online sales. Since 2013, the website has suggested product categogy and case study. This make anyone who enters the Amazon home page be acctracted to the recommended products.

In the above example, suppose you are a very hip-hop lover and are interested in shopping products having hip-hop style. Amazon obtained that information and they based on such information to “conquer” customers. When customers access the Amazon homepage and croll down, the products that match their personality and preferences will appear in “Recommendation” section.

The lesson that drawn from the example of Amazon is creating more personalized experience for customers based on their needs and desires.

With the information gathered from potential and current customers, you can arrange smaller, more detailed market segments to reach and provide the exact services and products that desire. You will easily increase the conversion rate quickly by this method.

Iberia Airlines

On the holiday in 2016, customers of Iberia Airlines received the email with content: If you are chosen a place to travel, where will you go? And with whom will you go? Then, the customers are taken to a page to answer the question and enter the email of person they want to go with. No after long that, the friend will receive an email to welcome theư dream holiday. To see that information, the friend will have to click on a given link.

Iberia used the friend’s cookies () to make they can see banner on website, recommend for them about perfect Christmas gift – dream holiday. The friend could then see some advertisings while visiting the website and saw the words like “It’s never too late to fulfill Amada’s dream. Come to Mykonos with her.”

This is an interesting personalized marketing idea. A key issue is that they use user cookies to leverage them effectively. The method of obtaining cookies in an official and user-authorized way is necessary.

In loyalty industry, with advanced technology system, enterprises can fully personalized marketing campaigns to save time, optimate costs, bring good experiences to customer and increase revenue.